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We have a professional image post production service.
Photo Resize, Retouch & Manipulation With Color Change Adjustment Clipping Expert In Photoshop For Online Product.

Clipping Path

Image cut out is the fundamental action for almost all kinds of photo editing services.

Background Removal

Background removal is also necessary to change or replace a Photo background or to cutout an image from its background.

Image Retouching

Image retouching is done for making raw images more attractive and better to see

Ghost Mannequin

Apparel retailers display their garment products on eCommerce websites.

Reflection Creation

Photoshop generally comes with a range of graphic enhancing and designing techniques.

Color Correction

Color correction and color change service involve working with the color of an image.

Image Masking

In these cases, a technique called Image Masking service is brought into play.

Shadow Creation

Apparel retailers display their garment products on eCommerce websites.

Image Restoration

Photo restoration services involve repairing a printed copy of a photograph that has faded away into a worse state than the original.

Image Manipulation

Image Manipulation service involve working with the color of an image.

We have done some amazing work with our clients

 Clipping Path
 Background Removal
 Image Retouching
 Ghost Mannequin
 Image Masking
 Shadow Creation
 Color Correction
 Image Restoration
 Image Manipulation
 Reflection Creation

Software Development Services
Our software development services span across web software, cloud software, enterprise software, and desktop apps software applications.

We deliver customized software development solutions for over 10 years to all types of businesses and industries, from small to big companies with complex processes. Using the latest Microsoft ASP.NET technologies, we offer highly reliable bespoke applications tailored to meet your needs. And our methodologies are highly collaborative and designed to integrate best practices while meeting your requirements.

 We specialize in providing software like:

  •  POS - Point of Sale
  •  Accounting System
  •  Store Management System

 Technology Expertise:

  •  HTML, CSS
  •  C
  •  C#
  •  PHP


  •  .NET Core (MVC, Core)
  •  Angular JS
  •  Vue JS

Some Of Our Main Features
Software can be tricky - but that's what we're here for. Custom software built from scratch to boost your business functionality.


Usable Design

Design crafted to fit all important standards and be usable to your users and partners.


Clean Code

Code that works in all browsers and compatible with all the W3 standards and recommendations.


Fully Responsive

Website that works in all browsers and fits perfectly on all devices you are going to support.


Awesome Support

We are here for you from day one to your launch, and after that to make sure everything works well.

Web Development Services.
We are offering you essential all type IT service for your business. It will take away your business in a new dimension.

Company websites help define your brand to the 97% of consumers who search for local businesses online. The internet is an open-share, mobile-first environment where consumers expect information to be easily accessible and available in creative ways. According to recent studies, 50-60% of searches are conducted on mobile devices, and with an average close rate of 14.6% for search engine optimization (SEO) leads, targeting customers in the right places establishes higher quality leads. Once your search rankings draw in consumers, web developers specialize in formatting and designing websites to keep them there with every user in mind.

Our Services Include: Responsive Websites, UX/UI Strategy + Integration, Landing Pages, Online Databases, Client Portals, Custom Analytics & Reporting, Touch Screen Design and Web Application Development.

 Let's Build Us Your Web Home!

People depend on online these days, and having a website is must for business now to grab them as client. In the recent time, importance of having a website is in high priority after getting our generation into an internet boom! Designing/Developing a website is easy, you can have one by around a week of effort! But getting a worthy website/web application takes huge effort, industry knowledge and implementation of best practices. At OVO Technology, we build ROI centric Website for growing companies, assuring maximum usability.

 Responsive Design - All Devices

We see there are too many devices on the market now, smartphone, tablet, netbook, laptop and many more! Each of the products have many version of themselves. At OVO Technologies, we always prefer to make your website Responsive, which means it can be viewed from all devices, with a native and easy to access and explore version. Whenever someone visit your website from mobile phone, it will show him a mobile version, on the other hand, it will be shown the main desktop version if he is from laptop or desktop!

 E-Commerce Development

Nowadays customers are willing to buy goods and services online and we provide E-commerce website development for companies to work efficiently. We will develop a full functional e-commerce website for you business.

Video Post Production Services.
Our professional video editors work with Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Premiere, Davinci Resolve, Camtasia Studio, Adobe After effects, etc.

Our Abilities : Edit any type of video, Social Media Ads, Corporate Videos, Motion Graphics, Green screen editing, Lower Thirds, Intro and outro, Stabilization, Tracking, Travel Vlogs, Rotoscopy, Slow Motion & Fast Motion (speed ramp), Clip cutting/ trimming, Clip joining, Audio transitions, Video transitions, Color correction/ color grading, Audio trimming, Audio denoise, Slow-motion, Smooth clip stabilization, Audio enhancing, Audio syncing, Adding titles and subtitles, Watermark adding, Episodes names animation, Video Intros and different openers animation, Social media Links animation, Subscribe animations, Titles and text animation, Info bars, Legally Licensed Background Music, Subtitles, Captions, Transition, Color correction and grading

We convert your ideas into a complete video. You provide your voice over, and we take care of the rest with royalty-free footage Images and music, and if you have your footage as well then we will edit it according to your perspective.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Analysis.
Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are used by businesses of all sizes. KPI measurement uses data to show how well your business is performing. They will be different for each business, but the basic idea is the same.

Using KPIs can give you better business insight
Today’s Companies use KPIs to measure the wellbeing of their business. All sectors and departments within a Company have KPIs that have a specific meaning. Debt/equity ratio, debtor days, and gross profit percentage are all measures that have specific meanings in a business context.

For example, on its own, your blood pressure reading only says a little about your overall health. When you combine this with cholesterol levels and BMI, you and your doctor get a more informed picture of your health. In the same way, a business KPI tells a small part of the story about your business. Looking at set of business KPIs or metrics tells a bigger story. Measuring KPIs helps you understand your business from top to bottom. You can use that knowledge to make effective, strategic decisions.

Choose what you measure with care
Think carefully about which areas of your business are suitable for measurement. Different sets of metrics are important for different businesses. Focusing on the right ones gives you early confirmation of success or early alerts to potential problems. A KPI analyst helps you decide which the important KPIs are for you. When our KPI Analysts advise you about this they will consider:

  • • The industry that you are in.
  • • Your business size and location.
  • • Where you are in your business life-cycle.
  • • What your short and long-term business goals are.
  • • Any unique personal circumstances you have.

What does a KPI look like?
A KPI is a metric, which means it's a way of measuring your business. To be effective, it should be:
  • Relevant
    • the best metrics are those that have the most impact.
  • Balanced
    Measure short and long-term KPIs.
  • Understandable
    • everyone in the business should know what the KPI means.
  • Shared
    • everyone in the business should know why it’s important.
Financial KPIs come from the data in your accounting system. Non-financial KPIs come from data outside of your accounting system, such as your website and your CRM system. This guide focuses on financial KPIs. Here are examples of what you might measure:
  • • Debtor days
  • • Average margins
  • • Inventory turnover
  • • Debt ratio
  • • Net profit percentage

Identify the key areas you want to measure
If you're measuring key performance indicators then you need to concentrate on your key areas of business. There's no point in measuring things that won't make a difference to your business over time.

How many KPIs should you measure? It depends on the size of your business. Small businesses may only need half a dozen or so. Larger organisations might have that many per department – or even per manager!

More doesn't necessarily mean better, so don't get carried away. Too many metrics can complicate the picture. Make sure you have just enough to give you a clear overview of your business. Your accountant will be able to help choose the ones most relevant for you.

Understand what your metrics are telling you
KPIs are useful tools to help you measure the performance of your business. But you need to use them sensibly. Don't just take them at face value.

A sales dip recorded by a KPI might be due to seasonal variation. For example, people don't buy much winter clothing in summer. There's not a lot you can do about that – it's not the fault of your sales staff.

Similarly, inventory turnover might drop because you bought lots of inventory while a supplier had a sale. Normally a drop in inventory turnover would be a bad thing. In this case, you would monitor inventory turnover to check that it returns to normal as you sell the surplus inventory.

So it is important to understand what KPIs are telling you before you try to solve a problem. If you use common sense, key performance indicators are useful tools. Again, your accountant can really help out by interpreting the message the metrics are giving you.

Four KPI groups to improve your business
Effective key performance indicators can be organized into groups. Here are four groups that could have a big impact on your business.
    1. Efficiency
  • • Reducing waste and making the most of your resources.
  • • Finding ways to improve staff productivity.
  • • Lowering inventory days on hand to reduce storage costs.
  • 2. Growth
  • • Increasing your sales, measured by gross and net revenue.
  • • Improving wealth, measured by business equity.
  • 3. Health
  • • Balance debt and equity levels to the best proportions.
  • • Balance inventory levels with trade payables to get the best performance.
  • • Optimizing trade terms to speed up receipts.
  • 4. Resilience
  • • Reducing credit risk by optimizing debt levels.
  • • Improving profitability to increase interest coverage.
  • • Reducing financial risk by increasing equity-to-asset levels.
These are just examples. No doubt you can think of others that might apply to your particular business.

Our KPI analysts use modern accounting software to track some of these KPI groups. Our custom software is cloud based, we can keep an eye on your KPIs from anywhere and at any time with 100% security and confidentiality.

Get a better view of your business
As you can now see, Key Performance Indicators are useful in all areas of business. But it's important to use them in the right way and not just define a KPI and then forget about it. We make sure the measures you take are reviewed and tracked on a regular and frequent basis.

Our KPIs analysis will help you get a clear view of where your business is now – and where it's going. We help you check the pulse of your Company's health.

SEO is the process of making a website more favorable to search engines and Whether it’s for lead generation or awareness, the procurement of customer interest in your products or services through a digital marketing campaign depends on your ability to get in front of them and entice them.

SEO & Digital Marketing
SEO is the process of making a website more favorable to search engines, and in a world where search engines change their algorithms daily, a thorough and comprehensive optimization strategy is essential to any website. Keyword audits and competitive analysis show how your website is currently performing and what needs modification. With our SEO, we can help optimize your business’ site to rise, and be the first page of search engines, giving it a competitive edge.

Services Include:

  • Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Content Creation + Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Infographics
  • Custom Analytics + Reporting

Digital Marketing Campaigns
Whether it’s for lead generation or awareness, the procurement of customer interest in your products or services through a digital marketing campaign depends on your ability to get in front of them and entice them. Before launching a digital campaign, experts must perform in-depth research that provides insight into their targeting methodology and strategy. Once launched, digital campaigns offer some of the best reporting information available for obtaining measurable feedback, which can be utilized to make real-time changes to improve your campaign. From text ads to display ads, there are many different digital marketing ad types and strategies we use to effectively reach target audiences. Retargeting is a cookie-based technology used to “follow” your audience while they surf the internet and serve them ads on websites they’re visiting. Geo fencing is another innovative strategy we use to show digital ads to smartphone users who are in a specific geographic location. When done correctly, digital marketing strategies, including these two, are highly effective in reaching specific target audiences and getting your brand in front of them across the digital space.

Content Creation + Marketing
Content creation includes writing blogs, social media posts, white papers and infographics, and content marketing involves creating and sharing content that helps your website rank higher in search engines for specifically targeted keywords. Great content identifies you as an expert in your field, and in turn, positively affects audience awareness and perceptions of your brand. We can help your brand by developing a strategic content marketing plan focused on what content is produced, how it is shared and who is reading it. We also strategically develop well-thought online content that reinforces your company’s messaging, so your users can easily engage and learn more about your brand.

Social Media Marketing
In a world that’s focused on instant information, social media is one of the simplest and most effective ways to grow your business. Seventy-five percent of online users have found the information on a company’s social profile to impact their buying behavior or increase their brand loyalty. Our social media marketing services include influencing online users with well-developed content creation and numbers-backed engagement rates, in addition to strategic social media advertising campaigns that attract people to your profile or website based on a specified budget.

Email Marketing
Email has one of the highest response rates of any other communication channel. It continues to rank as one of the most cost-effective methods of contacting your audience and can come across as a more personal medium than other outlets. With help from our email marketing services, you can acquire customers, build brand loyalty and recognition, or advertise new products and services.

Studies have found that almost 90% of the information we retain is based on visual association. By creating infographics, or information graphics, we repurpose relevant, important content into shareable, graphic visual representations that will better resonate with your consumers.

Custom Analytics + Reporting
Companies that track their website, landing page and social media analytics are shown to have reduced costs and better decision-making. We utilize powerful analytics tools and provide expert insight to your consumers’ traffic patterns, interests and demographics, among others, to help you make business and marketing decisions crucial to your business’s growth.

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